Yahoo Mail is a free email provision presented by the American company Yahoo!. Yahoo stands for yet another Hierarchy of Officious Oracle. The term “hierarchical” refer to how the Yahoo database was organised in directory of covers and “officious” denotes “cause of verity and knowledge”. Yahoo is an Internet gateway that integrates a search engine in addition a directory of World Wide Web sites as well as Yahoo! Directory, Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Groups, Yahoo! Answers and many more.

Features of Yahoo Mail

  • It has a feature of Email storing capability of 1 TB.
  • The permissible size of file that can be attached to an email is restricted upto 25 MB (up to 100 MB through the in-built ‘Attach Huge Files’ application).
  • Account termination on non use is 6 months and above 2 months for each year. The Yahoo Mail account can be reopened but in that case all stored information, such as emails, will not be returned.
  • Various Protocol supported are POP3 in Asia or else through YPOPs!, IMAP through IMAP proxy or else through Zimbra, SMTP, Mail Forwarding in some nations.
  • 100 filters to spontaneously categorize received Yahoo Mail messages (300 filters for the Plus type).
  • Yahoo Mail integrates an innovative analysis pane just underneath your mail document options. If you click a mail document then the document will be showed at the Reading Pane.
  • It has an important feature of anti spam and virus protection.
  • Promotion is showed on the monitor while working with the Yahoo Mail Text advertisements are additionally added to the footer of outbound messages.
  • The initial advanced feature added by Yahoo was Search Assistant, a combined panel that bring together auto complete and associated searches. Search Assistant was greatly encouraged by’s left
  • Various Policies Associated with Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail is frequently used by spammers to deliver a “remove me” email address. More over these addresses are used to confirm the recipient’s address and hence opening the gate for more and more spams.

Though, Yahoo does not endure this drill. It dismisses accounts associated with spam-related actions without any notice, and spammers mislay access to any further Yahoo services related with their ID according to the Terms of Service. Moreover, Yahoo! servers are centred in California, and any spam associated action that uses its servers could possibly disrupt that state’s anti-spam laws.

In February 2006, Yahoo publicised its choice (along with AOL) to give some administrations the choice to “certify” mail, by forfeiting up to one cent for each outbound message, letting the mail in interrogation to avoid incoming spam filters.