WhatsApp vs WhatsApp Plus which one should I choose?

WhatsAppWhatsApp is now in the top 10 list of android apps. This application provides the best internet messaging service to its users. It was created by a Spanish guy Rafalete in the year of 2012. This app has a lot of features in it. Its use is increasing day by day.

Its upgraded version has been released which is known as WhatsApp Plus (WhatsApp+). This version of WhatsApp has more features in it as compared to the original WhatsApp. It has a blue icon instead of green. A lot of new features are added in this app. The older version of WhatsApp had not too many options of themes or notification sounds. But in WhatsApp Plus, we can easily change the entire look of interface by clicking on the ‘THEMES’ in the PLUS option.

Features of WhatsApp Plus

We can choose the pre-downloaded themes or we can also browse other themes and download them by clicking on the download option. In WhatsApp Plus the plus option shows the new features added in it. There are a lot of features hidden under the plus option. Installing WhatsApp Plus is very easy but it replaces the original WhatsApp.

New emotion icons are added in this version of WhatsApp. Another feature of WhatsApp Plus is to edit the file sharing limit. This option allows you to change the limit of sent files which starts from 2mb and ends at 50mb. This version comes with a great option to change the icon of application too. There are many built-in icons in the application. The latest update of WhatsApp plus has included the ‘FULL WHATSAPP+ BACKUP’ which allows us to create a full backup of our application.

This application is recommended for the fun users who want to change their app skin. In all ways, WhatsApp Plus is better than the original WhatsApp.

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