WhatsApp Plus was a simple modified edition of the original Whatsapp that lets users customize more aspects, basically it used use similar internal Structure, protocol and license like Whatsapp. It was a very interesting alternative to the traditional WhatsApp. Therefore, it is safe to assume that WhatsApp Plus is secure. However, it is still not safe to send private messages that you wouldn’t want to go public. Whatsapp + was first made available online in the year 2012. According to the app store, this new version was downloaded almost 35mil times from the date it was available. It is available for people to download but whether it is legal or illegal, the store has no information about it. WhatsApp Plus has never been available in the play store or the developers store, although it was available on the other alternative servers.

What is WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus has been very famous as the most used unofficial modifications of WhatsApp, which allows the user to customize a lot of different aspects of this well known messaging service. WhatsApp Plus was shut down by the Whatsapp itself in the year 2005 and the project was completely stopped. Now the app was not available for download and neither was there any support. Thanks to WhatsApp Plus, users could choose to select from several different colors and the background images to customize their WhatsAap along with other customizations as well.

In order to have all these benefits of new features, you need to go to the option in WhatsApp and click on Plus. Once the new version is available, you can start to change the colors and make other customizations that you would like the most.

WhatsApp Plus download

You can choose to customize the Whatsapp. You can easily change the color of the screen, the size of the header, the pop-up notification. You can also add, delete or change widgets and also you can opt to customize your chat screen as well.

The most interesting part is the default themes that are available in this version of WhatsApp. WhatsApp Plus has more themes as compared to the original version.

You can opt to customize your media sharing. Such as, you can choose to send a large image file without tampering its original quality. This can be really helpful for the students while they try to share the class notes with the help of WhatsApp.

Another brilliant of the features available in this newest WhatsApp Plus version is the facility of hiding your status. Also, you can choose to select the option of showing a single tick even though you read a message from a sender. So this enables you to hide the fact whether you are still online or not.

Though this new WhatsApp Plus is quite similar compared to the older one, but there are a few features that are new and can prove to be handy in certain cases. But in case you are looking to have your privacy, it is always better to go with the older version of the WhatsApp.