Whatsapp has been one of the most popular of the apps and people these days are using this app more often that not but there has been a new development in the market whatsapp Plus. It is basically a simple modification made by the developers that will enable you to change the old look of whatsapp. The users can have customized looks and also lots of new features. In short, it is just so awesome. The features that you get when you choose WhatsApp Plus download include; The color of this whatsapp is by default bluebut you can opt to change it to green, red, or any other desired color. Whatsapp messaging app has an advantage over texting another person using text because it is actually free and moreover enables one to send video, audio and even photos inconsiderate of where the person is. Since whatsapp plus is a modification of whatsapp, WhatsApp Plus download brings along with it a great experience which you don’t want to miss out. For instance, you can send data as large as 50mb at opposed to whatsapp after you WhatsApp Plus download.

Below are the steps of the WhatsApp Plus download;

How to download WhatsApp Plus?

Step1: Backup your old conversations.

Before you start the WhatsApp Plus download, first backup your whatsapp conversations and information. Tap the chat settings and then click on backup conversations.Sometimes you may have had important chats which needs not to be lost so, then you will follow this link before WhatsApp Plus download which provides you with a detailed guideline of backing up your chats: http://www.whatsapp.com/faq/en/android/23756533.

Step2: WhatsApp Plus download: download your new whatsapp plus from here and follow the following few steps before installing.

Step3: Uninstall official WhatsApp.

First, you need to WhatsApp Plus download. To successfully install the new app you must delete your old app, but you must keep a backup before you delete the old one. Go to the whatsapp settings for the backup options.

Step4: When you are done with the installation now you need to restore your backup. To do that you need to enter your mobile number and you will get a restore screen. Just follow the instructions to restore the backup and then continue. The next part is to put on the name you want as your profile and you can go next.

Step5: Next the app will be initialized. It may time sometime though it will depend on the amount of backup you to restore. After the initialization is done, you can continue.

Step6: If you get an error while verifying your number:

Just uninstall WhatsApp+ and install original WhatsApp from the Play Store. Open it, set up your account and chat with a few people. Uninstall WhatsApp and install WhatsApp+ again. This should fix any verification problems that you get. Start to change the themes by pressing the menu key > click ‘PLUS’. There are a number of options to customize the looks of your WhatsApp:

Step7: after the WhatsApp Plus download and installation is complete, you will have a screen that will prompt you to change your log screen, all you need to do is ok. Now you will have the new screen and blue theme now start enjoying the newest of the features that are available and you will certainly have fun.