WhatsApp+” or WhatsApp Plus, is an improved and convenient auxiliary for WhatsApp messaging app. It provides a lot of customization attributes which you will not see in the official version. The WhatsApp Plus Android is created by “rafalense,” an XDA Programmer.

With WhatsApp Plus Android, you all can personalize the interface of the program you need. After the installation, it is possible to discover these characteristics by exploiting on the choices and visiting the Menu. It is possible to fix sizes as well as font colors, change backgrounds, transform the notification icon, as well as edit the layout via downloadable themes of the interface. Lots of visual changes may be made using this program that was altered and this space is not enough to record them all.

How to install WhatsApp Plus Android

This app is made by a third-party designer and isn’t endorsed or supported by WhatsApp. Such as, the aforementioned has not endured Google Play’s or App Store’s analysis.

In order for WhatsApp Plus Android to operate, you will need to uninstall the program that is official. Ensure that you make a backup of all your conversations by starting from Menu> Settings > Chat > Save chats. After done, uninstall the program, briefly enable installing programs from Anonymous Sources from inside the Settings of your phone.

Some Important features of WhatsApp plus Application:

Enhanced interface: with numerous theme choices, color settings as well as font color choices WhatsApp Plus stands tall in terms when it comes to interface.

Enhanced smileys: One thing for which WhatsApp Plus Android was adored by us is due to the smileys that are excellent and mind you! WhatsApp Plus comes with nightmare loads of smileys.

More solitude and ease: WhatsApp Plus Android offers the users better facilities when it comes to better accessibility and seclusion more easily.

Video size: WhatsApp Plus Android is quite better than WhatsApp when it comes to size that is video.

Customization: WhatsApp Plus Android gives us the opportunity to customize the contacts, chats and also the theme of the whatsapp that too for free and you can do it the way you like it.