Top 5 best E-mail services in 2015

MailE-mail (electronic mail) has become a common way of communication in this modern generation. Today, most people of the world are using free Email services to communicate with others. Top 5 Email services of 2015 are the following:

  • Gmail:

Gmail (Google mail) is on the top of the best Email services. It provides many advantages to its users. Some of the best advantages are given below:

  • Gmail provides storage of 15GB for Google+ and Google Drive.
  • Gmail has the best security features in the tech organization.
  • Gmail now has the feature of money transfer but it is presently available in a few countries only.
  • All the Google apps are available at play store for Android or IOS.



Outlook is an Email service provided by Microsoft. It was known as hotmail before. It’s the 2nd best Email service of 2015. Its advantages are given below:

  • Outlook provides an unlimited storage to its users.
  • Skype is directly
  • It is optimized for windows 8 and 10 and also for mobile phone users.
  • IMAP, POP3 etc are supported in


  • Yahoo Mail:

Y-mail is also used by too many people. It’s on the third rank of best Email services. It also has a lot features in it. Some of its best advantages are given below

  • Yahoo mail gives you the storage of 1TB of email storage.
  • Y-mail app is also present in play store for Androids and IOS.
  • Y-messenger is integrated with Y-mail.


  • AOL Mail:

AOL stands for America Online. It is also very popular and it also has some good features in it which are given below:

  • It has unlimited email storage.
  • It gives free virus and spam protection


  • Zoho Mail:

Zoho is one of the best email servers. It is on 5th rank of best Email services. It’s some advantages are given below:

  • It has a good looking interface.
  • It has best privacy system.
  • It includes Zoho docs.

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