The outlook is the next mailbox, this is a free service provided by Microsoft. It combines the best features provided by our traditional MSN and the Outlook to give us a great Mailbox. The eye catching feature being 7GB of free storage space to store and share files (up to 20 MB) with your friends, its called One Drive.

Below are the steps to go through the Outlook Sign Up

How to sign up for Outlook?

Step 1: Open your browser and enter the web address as-

Step 2: At the right end of the page you will be able to see “Don’t have a Microsoft Account? Sign up now”. Click on the highlighted Outlook Sign Up option.

Step 3: It will open a page to enter your personal details, a username that is going to be your Outlook Email Address and then enter and re-enter your password. Also, you will need to enter Birth Date and Gender while the Outlook Sign Up.

Note: There is a ‘Get a new email address hyperlink below your User Name, clicking on, this will help you with suggestions for your User Name.

Step 4: Outlook Sign Up will also ask you to enter Your Country, Phone Number and Alternate Email address optionally.

Step 5: Final step in the process of Outlook Sign Up is to fill in the CAPTCHA, enter the letters and number in the same sequence as shown in the CAPTCHA box and click on I accept. This will ensure that you have agreed to the Microsoft terms of services and uses.

Step 6: after the Outlook Sign Up process is done, you will be on your primary login page, that says Hello. Click on the hyperlink ‘View Inbox’. This will open your mailbox and you are all done.

Congratulations on finishing Outlook Sign Up. If I were you, I will start right away and start exploring the features of Outlook and take as many advantages of it being offered by Microsoft.

Outlook features

The OneDrive that Outlook Sign Up provides us with free access to many features, some of which are mentioned below

  1. Word Online– Go ahead create your documents related to work or personal
  2. Excel Online– Create your spreadsheets filled with graphs and big number
  3. PowerPoint Online– Build your personal presentations with a bunch of personal photos and showcase it to your friends all for free
  4. OneNote Online– Create quick notes to keep you on your toes about things you want to be reminded about
  5. Sway– Provides help for you to create and share interactive reports, personal stories and more. All you will need to do is provide information and sway will build the interactive report and tell your story
  6. People– This helps you to keep in touch with your friends across the world, by storing their contact information
  7. Calendar– The first time you open this, it will prompt and ask you for your time zone and after that, go ahead and feed in your calendar with all the date nights and doctors appointments

Have you ever thought about how much these features will be valuable for you with the Outlook Sign Up? Take it from me, it’s a lot, use all these features to their best. Enjoy Outlooking.