This is a tutorial which will guide you properly on how to login to IRCTS using various platforms.

First of all, let me inform you that IRCTC is the department of Indian Railway that handles the Tourism and Catering part of the Indian Railway. IRCTC does the tasks like booking online tickets, providing Tourism and Catering services, etc. IRCTC is an undertaking company of Indian Railway. That’s enough of talk now let’s get started on how to deal with the IRCTC login and this can really be helpful when you want to buy a quick ticket urgently. Also in case of Tatkal tickers, online ticket booking is the best option that you can opt for.

Steps For IRCTC login:

Step 1: 

First of all, go to the official IRCTC website.

Here you will find many services like e-catering, concierge/cab, e-wheelchair, flights, hotels etc.

There will be an IRCTC login box in the center of the website. If you don’t have an account then I will suggest you to make one first. To make an account just click on the Signup button given below the login box.

Step 2:

Now I am assuming that you have a valid ID and password. Now you can enter that ID and password into the given IRCTC login box to get started taking advantage of IRCTS services.

Step 3:

After entering a valid password and user id in the IRCTC login box they will ask you for a captcha code. There will be a 5 character alphanumeric captcha code below the captcha code box. Just enter the given code and you are good to go. The captcha code is for security purpose.

Step 4:

After entering all the valid details, click on the IRCTC login button. It will take you to your personal account of IRCTC.

You are now officially signed into IRCTC.

So it was just an easy 4 step tutorial. Now you can use any device you like to use the IRCTC login with your account. Hope you like the tutorial and if you are facing any problem let me know by email and I will guide you on same.