Previously called Hotmail (Windows Live Hotmail) is one of the utmost prevalent open online email services, provided by Microsoft. Hotmail is a Webmail provision and operators can use Hotmail from a Web browser anyplace in the world. The amenity was retitled to in 2012. Hotmail was started in 1996 and was the first free online email service. It was initiated by Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith, it was initially presaged HoTMaiL, tapping importance on the “HTML” in the name.

Step by Step Tutorial for For Hotmail Sign In

  1. Go to the Hotmail website:
  2. You’ll be given the choice to either opt for Hotmail Sign In, or to sign up with Windows Live and a Hotmail address. If you already have a Windows Live account, you can just use Hotmail Sign In using the fields on the right. If you do not have a Windows Live account, you have to click on the Sign Up button.
  3. Now you have to fill out the Sign-up page where you have to enter your personal information which includes your name, birthday, gender, etc. You don’t have to use factious information on this, but if you do then try to remember it for future purposes of recovering your Hotmail Sign In
  4. Create an account name for yourself. You will use this during Hotmail Sign In. Remember that it has to be a unique name so as to avoid duplicity. Make sure that you select
  5. Now the next and most important step is to create your password. Minimum length of the password must be 8 characters. If you wish to create a strong password make sure that you make use of all 16 characters available which should include at least one capitalized letter, a number and a special character. The stronger your password the more secure your Hotmail Sign In procedure will be.
  6. Next step is to fill in your contact information. Firstly, in case you don’t remember your password you have to enter at least two methods of contact, which ideally are your phone number and an alternate email address that you may use to recover the Hotmail Sign In
  7. There is also an option of selecting a security question in case you forget your password during Hotmail Sign In. The answer of the security question must be of minimum 5 characters.
  8. Next step is to select the region from where you belong. You have to select the country from which you are in this option.
  9. Now I don’t know why the next step exists, but apparently it is to make sure that you are a human. In this step you have to enter that weird looking Captcha so that you can accept the license agreements to get to your account.
  10. Next, you have to agree to the service and the privacy policy of the Hotmail. You don’t have to read the policy to set up an account, but you have to agree to it. So once reading, if you do you have to click “I agree” at the bottom to complete the process and proceed to Hotmail Sign In.
  11. The last and final step you have to do is to visit the Hotmail website again and use Hotmail Sign In to log into the account you have just created.