Hotmail or Gmail: Which one should I choose?

Hotmail vs GmailHotmail and Gmail both belong to different companies. Hotmail is a free web email service made by Microsoft while Google is a free web based Electronic-mail service created by Google Inc.

Hotmail features

  • Hotmail was launched on July 4 1996, so it is 19 years old.
  • Hotmail provides us with 106 international languages.
  • At present, Hotmail has over 425 million users from all over the world.
  • The storage of Hotmail is unlimited now.
  • Alexa ranks hotmail at 492 across the globe.
  • Hotmail is more secure than Gmail. If you demand privacy, you should go for Hotmail.
  • Hotmail gives a full preview of the messages, whereas it is not available in Gmail.
  • Hotmail allows you to send a file of 50MB in case of MS word.
  • Hotmail has folders to arrange files.
  • Hotmail does not support SMTP and POP3 service.
  • You can recover your deleted Emails in hotmail.

Gmail features

  • Gmail is 11 years old.
  • It comes with 72 international languages.
  • Gmail has over 430 million users across the globe.
  • The ranking of Gmail is 98 by Alexa.
  • Gmail has a file uploading size of 25MB.
  • Gmail is easy, yet smart and smartly arrange your files using tags.
  • Gmail does not show a full preview of message.
  • Gmail has storage of 10GB.
  • You can give someone a ring from inbox through Google voice.
  • Gmail supports SMTP and POP3.
  • Gmail provides different interface views like the standard view. The html view and mobile view.
  • Google plays advertisements in Gmail so does hotmail.
  • Gmail provides a record of previous searches
  • Gmail provides us with a best chat system. You can do chat in a separate window, includes emoticons, you can take snapshots etc.

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