Hello fellas, I am back with yet another tutorial. In today’s tutorial I will show you how to make an account in hotmail and make a successful Hotmail Login. So let’s get started.

As all of us know that hotmail was replaced by outlook. So now if you want to make an account in hotmail, it will be in outlook because outlook replaced hotmail. Microsoft Hotmail is an email messaging service which will let you access your files in inbox across various devices. You can access files in your inbox from PC, MacBook, iPad and Smartphones. So now we will show you how to go about Hotmail Login it with this step by step guide.


Steps For Hotmail Login:

Step 1:

First of all, go to the hotmail website which is www.hotmail.com. After reaching there you will find some information about outlook (which is now hotmail). There is also an official app for it. You can download the outlook app from the homepage itself. Just gives your mobile number and you are done. On the homepage you will find a Hotmail Login box.

Step 2:

Enter your valid ID and password. If you don’t have an account then I recommend you to create one with the help of Signup tab. You will find the link for SignUp under the Hotmail Login box. You can also login with your windows live ID. Windows live ID is used in most every Microsoft product.

Step 3:

At the time of SignUp you will be asked to choose your email address. You will find 2 email address options.

  1. @hotmail.com
  2. @outlook.com

Choose yourname@hotmail.com. This will allow you a successful Hotmail Login.

Step 4:

Now enter all your personal information with care because you will need it if you ever forget your password. It will help you to recover your password.

Step 5:

Pick your country and zip code from the list given.

Step 6:

At the end of the form you will be asked to enter a captcha code. It is for security so no one would spam.

Step 7:

Now click on I agree at the end of the form. It’s an agreement that you don’t have to read but have to accept.

Step 8:

Opt for Hotmail Login to your newly created hotmail account by visiting www.hotmail.com

Congratulations with your Hotmail login!

So, this was it. With just 8 easy steps you can setup your unique account and then use the Hotmail Login button to sign in. It’s so easy that it will merely take 5 minutes. Now you can login with your hotmail account from any device either it’s PC or Smartphone. It will be eligible for all the features and you do not have to create a different ID to use those features. One single Hotmail Login for all your Microsoft work.

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