Gmail is a renowned web based email service provided by Google. It is a free service where you’ll be able to send and receive messages worldwide.

Like other email services, Gmail is also providing similar services including: You can send and receive emails, create an address book, blocking spam emails or use any other general email tasks. However, it has some more distinctive features that help make it-one of the very most preferred mail providers on the internet.

Let’s know some of the important features and Benefits of Gmail here:

Google accounts: access Gmail, a Google account is required as this email-service is one of the many services offered by google for registered users. Creating a Google account is easy and free. Getting a new Gmail address would have been a part of the SignUp process. This implies, whenever you’re logged into Gmail, you are automatically logged in to your Google account. You’ll be able to easily access Google services like YouTube, Google Docs, and Calendar etc. Creating a Google account also means you will be automatically has an account in Google+, the social networking service of Google.

Gmail features:

Obviously, you don’t need to use all of those features—you may choose to concentrate just on email. Nonetheless, if you would like additional info on google features, you can find all services at one place which can be accessed using google mail address.

Gmail provides many features that are useful in delivering email experience as appealing-as possible, inclusive of:

Conversation-View: an email-conversation happens if you send emails back and forth with another individual (or possibly a group), frequently about a particular subject or event. Google groups these emails together automatically, which keeps your mailbox more ordered.

Spam filtering: Spam is a related term for a junk – email. Gmail uses innovative technologies to keep spam emails from the inbox. Most spam emails are directed to a spam folder by default.

Product labels: Labels used to categorize an email. It is a form of subcategory concerning folders, in fact Labels got the whole lot that internet based folder may have.

In Built -chat: As an alternative of sending an email, you’ll be able to send somebody an immediate message or use the video and voice chat feature (if your computer have a cam and/or microphone).

Calling Features: It’s a feature related to voice-chat, except for it allows you to dial an authentic phone number to contact any phone in the world. It is free to create a call to anywhere within Canada or the U.S., and you may make calls abroad at low rates as well.

In February 9, 2010 Google introduced its new social-networking tool, Google-BUZZ which incorporates with google emails allowing customers to share links and marketing and also status updates.

At the time of January 2014, Google email allowed its users to send request emails to who have G+ accounts, even when they do not have each other emails. You can dial toll-free number 18883181004 for password recovery of Gmail.