Communication is vital and essential in our world today. The invention of the internet technology has made the world become a global village. That’s why the google corporate through the Gmail provides you one of the awesome platforms for efficient communication through the Gmail. You can send files, receive files and even messages to anyone in any part of the world through the Gmail. In order for you to do this you must have the Gmail address which is essential in any communication you can’t communicate without having the address. It’s very easy to obtain the Gmail address since you just have to opt for Gmail Sign In using the following simple steps.


How to sign in to Gmail?

Step One

This is the Gmail search step. Use the link for Gmail Sign In.

Step Two

If you already have an account, you can simply click Gmail Sign In. Else, you have to create an account with Gmail, before you can use Gmail Sign In. This is the first step called the account creation step. Using the link you have to search the google pages. On the first page you are going to click on the create account button. This is going to enable you to launch the first step in account creation. It acts as the beginner step for Gmail Sign In and is very simple as it is direct from the page.

Step Three

This is called the signing up stage. When you have clicked the create account button the sign up form appears. The sign up stage is the most vital stage since you have to key in your details that you will use later for Gmail Sign In. You have to give out accurate and correct information since providing any wrong information will lead to your account being nullified hence you can’t obtain the address. In the form you have to provide your name details I.e. the Two full names. You are also required to set the password for your account so that you can use it for Gmail Sign In. You have also to provide date of birth, which is essential so as you don’t be categorized as a minor. You have also to provide your current email address but this is not that essential. In the form there is also a section where you have to fill your phone number in case you lose your Gmail Sign In details. This is just to elaborate on the security of your account and also determine your location since there is a place to determine your current location country. Gmail has an elaborate security system to your account that’s why you have to enter the captcha code to verify that you are a human being and not a robot.

Step Four

This step is referred to as the term and conditions. You have to click onto the terms and conditions. Read through the google terms and conditions after which you have to agree on the terms and conditions by checking onto the box. After this click the next button.

Step Five

This is the customizing step. You have to set your profile picture by just uploading the image on the section.

Step Six

This is the final step. After you have uploaded an image of yourself, your account will be created. The google page will appear and you can now use Gmail Sign In and you will be redirected to your account. Having the account and address you can communicate with anyone in any part of the country.