Facebook is one of the well known online portals and its headquarter is situated in California. Facebook was officially launched in the year 2004. It was done by Mark Zuckerberg along with other roommates and friends Andrew McCollum, Eduardo Saverin, Chris Hughes and Dustin Moskovitz. The website was originally used among the Harvard Students. With the increase in its popularity, it later extended to the students in other universities in the Boston area. Its popularity increased later and it expanded to the high schools. Anyone whose age is 13 years or more can become the registered user on this website, however these age limits vary from country to country depending on the local laws.

What is Facebook?

www.facebook.com-login-sign-in-sign-upOnce you register with Facebook, you will have many options like to create your profile picture, you can simply add more and more friends by sending or accepting the friend requests, also we have the option to chat with friends, we can share photos, status and even videos with our friends. Another advantage of Facebook is that people join groups of their interest or even create a one. Also, people can even like the Facebook pages of their own interests and get meaningful information from them.

  • Privacy

Facebook allows users to select their own privacy settings and select who can see precise portions of their profile. The website is free to its customers and produces income from the promotion, such as banner ads. Facebook needs a user’s name and profile picture (if relevant) to be available by everybody. Users can control who sees other info they have shared, as well as who can discover them in searches, through their privacy settings.

  • Social impact

Facebook has exaggerated the social lifespan and action of people in many ways. With its accessibility on many mobile devices, it permits users to uninterruptedly stay in touch with friends, relatives and other associates anywhere they are in the world, as long as there is admission to the Internet. It can also bond people with joint interests and/or beliefs through Facebook groups and other pages, and has been known to unite misplaced family members and friends because of the extensive spread of its network.

  • Health impact

Latest readings have revealed that Facebook causes undesirable effects on self-esteem by prompting moods of greed, with break and holiday photos proving to be the major anger causes. Other predominant causes of greed contain posts by friends about family gladness and images of physical attractiveness—such grudging moods leave people isolated and displeased with their own lives. A dual study by two German universities revealed that one out of three people were more displeased with their personal lives after seeing posts on Facebook.