Facebook aka FB, one of the largest social networking sites that’s available online and you can sign up for free. This article below shows the simple steps, for you to do a Facebook sign up. The basic requirements are a valid email ID and an authentic name.


How to sign up for Facebook?

Step 1: Open your browser and enter- www.facebook.com. The login page with sign up option opens

Step 2: Enter Your Details like Name, email ID, password, Birth Date and Gender

Step 3: Click on the Facebook Sign Up button and you are good to go

The first page that you will notice after you complete your Facebook Sign up is, Find your friends. This step can be skipped.

The next one will be a Facebook Sign Up page asking you to upload your photo as a profile picture, you can skip this one too.

Congratulations on creating your Facebook Sign Up. Go ahead and enjoy the benefits of your visibility to the entire world. Oops..!! That must be scary, you can enjoy your privacy too.

Do a check in, post a status, upload your candid pictures, watch a bunch of videos, share some links, build your business, follow your favorite celebrities, play candy crush and ‘like’ your way through them.

Note: If you are a business or a celebrity or a band, there is a link below highlighted in blue to

redirect you to a different Facebook sign up page.


Interesting Facebook sign up facts:

  • Facebook was created by a second year student from Harvard University
  • It was initially called Facemash
  • If you are 13 years old with a valid mail ID, you can create your profile on Facebook
  • An Egyptian named his newborn daughter ‘Facebook’ and an Israeli baby girl is named after the ‘Like’ button
  • Facebook has its 4th office in Hyderabad, India the first one in Asia
  • Whatsapp was acquired by Facebook in 2014