Are you bored of Facebook? Doesn’t Facebook sound fun to you? Then you are at right place my friend. If you do not like using Facebook any longer, then you can completely delete your account on Facebook.

Many of us are using Facebook since last so many years. In the recent years, Facebook has changed a lot and so do we. These days, many of us found Facebook boring. Everyone is on Facebook and all they do is annoying status updates. So today I am gonna tell you how you can Delete Facebook account permanently. To do so you have to follow some simple steps.

Steps on How you can Delete Facebook Account:

Step 1:

First Login Into your account on Facebook using valid ID and password. In order to login to Facebook you must have valid account at the first place.

Step 2:

Once you are successfully logged in then click on the account menu located right top corner.

Step 3:

After that click on setting tab. It will take you into the settings of your account on Facebook.

Step 4:

You will see “Security” option located in the left column. Click on that.

Step 5:

Choose deactivate your account and press submit button.

Note: After clicking on the submit button to Delete Facebook do no again sign into your account on Facebook for 14 days. This is a time period that Facebook takes to verify your account disable request. Do not click like a button or share button on any website. Also, after you successfully Delete Facebook account, you will not be able to get back your information Never Ever Ever Ever.

That’s it fellas. You are done with Delete Facebook and are free from Facebook now. Go out and enjoy. Now you will no longer see annoying posts or more annoying tags. Just live a happy Facebook free life. Just contact me if you have any query about Delete Facebook.