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Hotmail or Gmail: Which one should I choose?

Hotmail and Gmail both belong to different companies. Hotmail is a free web email service made by Microsoft while Google is a free web based Electronic-mail service created by Google Inc. Hotmail features Hotmail was launched on July 4 1996, so it is 19 years old. Hotmail provides us with 106 international languages. At present,

How to change your Hotmail/Outlook password

Outlook is the new name for Microsoft’s web E-mail service. If you have a hotmail or live account, you can access it through ‘’’’. If you want to change your hotmail/outlook password, follow these simple steps. Steps for Hotmail password change Sign in to Outlook (hotmail): First you must sign-in to your hotmail account by

Top 5 best E-mail services in 2015

E-mail (electronic mail) has become a common way of communication in this modern generation. Today, most people of the world are using free Email services to communicate with others. Top 5 Email services of 2015 are the following: Gmail: Gmail (Google mail) is on the top of the best Email services. It provides many advantages